Coastermatic Team: Thanksgiving Edition

Our team had an awesome holiday and we hope you did too! Tag #coastermatic and share your festivities with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram! We love hearing from you. 

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Thanksgiving dinner table settingTash:
Our Chief Coasters Officer went to upstate New York and spent some quality time with the in-laws. Their table was gorgeous and her vegetarian options (mashed potatoes + roasted veggies and quinoa) are mouth-watering! 


Victoria:Coastermatic Coasters on Thanksgiving Table
Our Instagram expert flew south and enjoyed the holiday with her awesome family that has an awesome thanksgiving tradition to make their dinners in the style of a different culture each year, like one year they did Malaysian turkey and then Cuban turkey another! Too cool! 

This year Coastermatic Scaffold Coasters snuck their way onto their table too! 


Perfect Thanksgiving Pie Hannah: 
Our email fanatic trekked out to New Hampshire to visit her best friend from high school and eat waaaay too much pie (which she baked herself for the first time  – check out that latice work!). She'll head back west to Oregon for the holidays and can't wait to be done with finals. 


Sam's Family ChessSam: 
Our resident Pintrest Princess and extraordinary eater, Sam, went home to Brooklyn and sufficiently stuffed herself (we were going to upload a hilarious post-dinner selfie but we later decided against it) and we are proud of her for every bite. She used all that brain food to play chess with her family before heading back to Connecticut for school. 




Holiday Ship Dates 2015

When to order personalized coasters for the holidays?

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  • November 30th - for all International Orders
  • December 17th - Instagram and Photo coasters within the US
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Shipping deadlines for personalized coasters from Coastermatic holiday 2015

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Coastermatic Holiday Press

We might be an online store, but our coasters are getting mentioned on REAL PAPER. 

Draft Magazine: 

Coastermatic Coasters in DRAFT Holiday Guide 2015  Coastermatic Coasters in DRAFT Magazine

New York Times Magazine: 

 Coastermatic Coasters in New York Times Magazine Gift Guide 2015  Coastermatic Coasters in New York Times Magazine Gift Guide 2015

Grab a copy of these publications and find your favorite coasters amongst some other fantastic holiday products! We're super excited to be in such awesome features and to get our Coastermatic coasters in front of more eyes.

We're also getting mentioned in a handful of other online outlets, check out a few here: 

Elvis Duran #WhatsTrending Gift Guide
- Pawsitive Living
- White

Cheers to more absorbent coasters on more tables!

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