Need lots of coasters? They're great for wedding favors, conferences, promoting internal values, displaying photography, and much more. We have wholesale pricing on custom orders of 12 sets and above. Interested? Drop us a line!

Disqus Upvote Coasters
“At Disqus we give out ‘Upvotes’ for demonstrating company values.”
Kim Roher
Coastermatic Custom Wedding Favors
“The wedding favor coasters were great and everyone loved them. I would definitely recommend them, everyone wanted more than one! ”
Liz Humphrey
Twitter Design Coasters
“Fresh coffee in a Twitter mug just waiting to hop on this new custom Twitter coaster.”
Bryan Haggerty

From the Blog

Sana Rao's special set

This week we talk to Sana Rao, a poet and designer based in SF, about her coasters

Sana, these coasters look like they’re of special places, tell us more about them
They are! Each one is a reminder of a place I’ve been, special moments in my life. I’m glad I took a little bit of care in what I printed, it makes this Coastermatic set very meaningful to me.

May 26, 2015